April Adventure League
Every day in April there will be an adventure. Join us everyday you can unless the adventures become to much. You can add the google calendar to your own calendar if you would like. Just click here, or join the Facebook group.
Lawson Field, Wheaton, IL 60187, USA
Apr 22
Chick-fil-A, 301 E Loop Rd, Wheaton, IL 60189, USA
Apr 22
Following Ultimate, you eat Chick-fil-a, then you play laser tag. Meet at the Chick-fil-A then we’ll drive over to Main Event for laser tag (costs $11)
The Moth
1003 N Scott St, Wheaton, IL 60187, USA
Apr 23
Friends sharing stories on a theme. Aaron, you get to pick the theme this year. This is one of our more beloved events. You're going to want to be there.
Medieval Fighting
28W175 Geneva Rd, West Chicago, IL 60185, USA
Apr 24
I'd like to invite you all to a fun afternoon/evening to a medieval tournament and open combat. Over the years I have accumulated a collection of Duct tape, PVC pipe and insulator padded weaponry. I occasionally invite people over to beat the living daylights out of each other with them. Now its your turn to come have some fun and win a few epic battles! The weapons are inspired by designs made by my good friends at warfare by duct tape. https://www.warfarebyducttape.com/about-us/ If fighting is not your thing consider joining us for the post battle campfire. around 6:30 or 7 depending on how tired/hungry we are. The plan: Drop by anytime after 4:00pm to join the Frey! We will be playing many different game-modes like capture the flag, team death match, and VIP finishing up with a one on one dueling tournament. After that I invite you all to stay awhile and enjoy a bonfire with hot dogs and smores to recharge from our exertions Where: 28w175 Geneva Rd West Chicago IL 60185. The place can sometimes be hard to find as I believe IMaps does not have the correct location. If your traveling west down Geneva road our place is just around the bend after windfield Rd. Look for the beginning of the trees on the left side. our house is all the way in the back. What to bring: If your feeling especially energetic come in costume! anything medievaly will do. Also if you feel so inclined bring some chips/goodies for the bonfire. Any sort of padded weapons you might have lying around would be helpful to bring. in my experience you can never have too many weapons. Safety: I realize that some people maybe concerned about safety. I cant tell you that in my over 5 years of using these weapons constantly, with my many nephews the worst injury has been a black eye, given by a broken weapon. However I should say that these weapons can still hurt especially when used by experienced enthusiastic hands. So don't be surprised if you come away with a bruise or two. Looking forward to a great day! -Lee Muzzy
Food and Drink Funmentation
322 Duane st. apt 5, Glen Ellyn IL, 60137
Apr 25
Learn about the process of fermentation (non-alcoholic) in food and drinks that have provided societies with increased gut health for thousands of years. We will be looking specifically at the processes of Kombucha, Sauerkraut, and Sourdough bread and getting a little taste of each. note* please park on the opposite side of the street and not in the apartment parking.
Axeplosion Axe Throwing Lounge, 850 Dupage Ave, Lombard, IL 60148, USA
Apr 26
Have you ever wanted to throw a hand ax but thought, 'That sounds a little dangerous?' Well, throw caution to the wind and come out for a night of throwing axes and friendly competition. Pricing is $35/person, but drops to $30/person if more than 25 people show up, so bring your friends to impress or your enemies to frighten! Price includes coaching and a tournament. If you would like to come watch, it's FREE. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed, so you are welcome to bring something, but expect some delicious snacks provided by the Cupcake Queen™
Volunteer Service Project Day
Outreach Community Center in Carol Stream, 345 S President St, Carol Stream, IL 60188, USA
Apr 27
What’s more fun than spending time friends? How about spending time with friends and making a difference in the lives of others! (Cheesy? Maybe, but still true!) Come to OCC and hang out with fellow Adventurers as we clean and paint and serve alongside each other all while benefitting this amazing organization. If you can’t make it the whole time - no worries! Come for as much as you’d like. But you should know that you might miss a surprise (...okay, it’s donuts...) if you come late. See you then!!
Krone's Hat Tournament!
Apr 27
Time: 12:00pm please arrive on time for getting to know your team and warm up and toss around and will start around 12:30-12:45 We will play anywhere between 5on5 or 6on6 (depending on how many people we get) Will play 35minute games. Team with the highest score at the end of 35minutes wins. If the score is tied between both teams, next point wins! Call your own and picks. I understand this is a tournament but in all, we are still a pickup group that likes to have funz while playing competitively at times. So be nice and play with some sportsmanship like we always do! :) What I need from you: Bring a black and a color shirt Cones and discs A simple reply back to me ONLY ME at yoshizelda@gmail.com and letting me know that you playing in this tournament! :) Fill free to invited friends and/or family to participate in this tournament (have them email me please/thank you) or just even to come watch some funz filled frizbee action! Additionally, we may have a pizza pizza party after the tournament! More information on that later! Last but not least, if you have any questions/whatevz send it my way! {Bonus points and a high five if you wear a hat! Double bonus points and a double high five if you wear your hat backwards I do! Triple bonus points, double high five and a hug if you wear your hat the way I wear my hat while playing ultimate!} *Hint; I do wear my hat a special way though... :) Happy Adventuring this month! :)
Garfield Conservatory
1003 S Blanchard St, Wheaton, IL 60189, USA
Apr 28
First-time AAL-er Eden invites you to adventure with her to the Garfield Park Conservatory, a beautiful, sprawling glass house of plants, with each room dedicated to a different climate and plant species! After a leisurely stroll among the greenery, we will head to Spinning J's Bakery & Soda Fountain for dessert (most amazing pies!). To ensure that there is sufficient space for us, please RSVP to Eden so she can call ahead - edenames@yahoo.com. We will plan to meet at Eden's house and carpool to the conservatory.
Building Competition
Gunst Abode
Apr 28
Ultimate and Light-up Ultimate
Lawson Field, Wheaton, IL 60187, USA
Apr 29
Closing Ceremonies
1003 N Scott St, Wheaton, IL 60187, USA
Apr 30